***Shikila – Dance as if your Life depends on it***

Shikila is a Dance Project, directed by Bheki Ndlovu and Amanda Charis Rasch, choreographed by Bheki Ndlovu. The dancers are mostly kids, 10 – 22 years of age, and rehearse weekly.

Our Kids from Kayelitsha Langa and Gugulethu (Cape Town) have regular small gigs and opportunities to showcase their talent in strong co-operation with their parents. A major milestone in their lives was created in May 2013. Some of the talent had the opportunity to form part of the workshop team and performed at the LA Salsa Congress (United States) in May 2013. A bigger group (24 in total) was representing Shikila at the 1st ever Mzansi Cape Town Salsa Festival in November 2013, showcasing South African traditional dances on an international platform. And they did it again in 2014 & 2015, melting people’s hearts, blowing their minds away! All resulting in standing ovation and smiling faces.

This is an ongoing project and Bheki has been working with them since 2002. Not only is it uplifting the community and people involved with them, but the program of their Dance and Music education keeps them away from the streets and other unwanted habits. The trip to LA was to show the world, that these kids exist and they have so much to give. For their self-esteem, but also for South Africa. It was a major success showcasing African Dance, as well as showcasing the South African youth on an international platform.

Shikila is a completely self funded project. Rehearsals, studio time, food and transport are sponsored by Bheki & Amanda. We want to expand so we can help them in their education as well to be the potential leaders of tomorrow. We have lots of invites to showcase around the world. We need your financial assistance. Please contact us on ukhambaacademy@gmail.com or bekzinolaz@gmail.com or mandyrasch@gmail.com

Let us come to your city and share the love of DANCE from South Africa to you.


#BRINGIT (let there be dance)

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